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When a smartphone recording of their hallway rendition found its way to social media, the video went viral, earning more than 5.5 million views around the world. Just Singin', as the group is known, was famous. "The students have always loved singing 'Hallelujah,'" says Megan Wicks-Rudolph, Ph.D., director of choral activities at VHHS. "At the performance, they had a fantastic moment on stage, and afterward they decided to find somewhere that was more acoustically pleasing. The end result was a hallway that stores custodial supplies. They sang and, of course, emoted a lot of emotion, which translated to many around the nation and the world." People across the country sent emails to Wicks-Rudolph and posted online responses about the group's rendition. One of the responses was from someone in the Midwest who wrote about how Just Singin's rendition of "Hallelujah" was helping to heal their community after three teenagers were killed in a drunk driving accident. "Music is a powerful thing, and it is something that the students and I try not to ever take for granted," Wicks-Rudolph says. Each of the 13 members of Just Singin' are also involved in other choirs at VHHS, which is home to eight successful choirs. The a cappella group, which has existed for 10 years, is intended for gathering the students who are especially talented at singing pop music, Wicks-Rudolph says. The group regularly performs at local, state and regional performances and festivals. "This group is very mobile, so it is easy to take them somewhere," Wicks-Rudolph says. As a result of the viral video, Just Singin' has received extra recognition during the past school year. For instance, the group was invited to sing as the opening act for Vocalocity, a professional a cappella pop group, at the Alys Stephens Center in down- town Birmingham. The group was also invited to sing at the Alabama Music Educators' Conference and at the National A Cappella Education Association's national conference. "We have had several highlights of the year," Wicks-Rudolph says. "VHHS Choir is a great place to be." 2 0 1 7 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 63

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