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2 0 1 7 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 33 E V E S T A V I A H I L L S E L E M E N T A R Y C A H A B A H E I G H T S Every student at Cahaba Heights, from grades kindergarten to fifth grade, is involved in Science Night, which brings parents and families into the school to showcase student learning in the area of science and engineering. "Students create opportunities for parents to see what they are learning by utilizing the engineering practice standards," says Alicia Hunsberger, principal. "Whether showing what they know through an interactive experience and notebooks with sound in first grade, or developing models of marble roller coasters in third grade, students were engaged in sharing their knowledge across all grade levels." Cahaba Heights is focused on emphasizing student growth and celebrating student successes throughout the year, and Science Night is one of the ways the school does that. "Students are our number one priority, and when they are engaged in the learning process, they become excited to share what they know with an authentic audience," Hunsberger says. "We were thrilled with the participation of our students and families this year. There was a healthy buzz of excitement around the school as the children shared their experiences with their friends and family. When students have an audience, there is a new level of accountability. This is what we hope for in all of our learning experiences." Every community has its claim to fame, whether it's a famous resident or a unique at traction. In Vestavia Hills, it's a consistently award-winning school system, which has driven exponential growth, attracting residents and business owners who pursue excellence in all areas of the community. And after almost 50 years, the Vestavia Hills City Schools continues to achieve excellence, with exciting opportunities for students in every classroom, playing field and activity. Here are some of the interesting, unique things happening at each of the city's schools this year. City Schools Continue to Thrive

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