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P P l a n n i n g f o r t h e i m p rov e m e n t o f o u r c o m m u n i t y s pac e s i n V e s tav i a H i l l s h a s b e e n a n o n g o i n g e f f o rt o f m a n y d i f f e r e n t g ro u p s ov e r t h e l a s t s e v e r a l y e a r s . The City in partnership with the Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Board recently introduced and solicited community feedback on the most recent of such efforts, the Community Spaces Plan. The plan involves all areas of our City and is based upon the strategic drivers established in the 2015 Recreation and Athletics Master Plan: 2 0 1 7 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 19 • Re-position quality of life assets to reflect the Vestavia Hills brand and effectively recruit and retain families; • Elevate the quality of existing facilities to comprehen- sively serve the recreational interests of all members of the community regardless of age; • Increase the capacity of City athletic facilities to ensure that Vestavia Hills youth sports programs deliver a high impact and consistent experience that result in the athletic and personal development of all participants. Projects to implement the 2015 vision have been included in this comprehensive roadmap for the future. The Community Spaces Plan includes projects across the City, including improvements to the Cahaba Heights ball fields; development of the old Altadena Valley Country Club; and various improvements to Wald Park, including the construction of a multi-purpose athletic facility, repositioning of and improvement to the swimming pool, ball fields, and tennis courts, and the addition of premier green space and park amenities The purchase and renovation of space for a community center is also included in the plan. This is an executive summary for the Community Spaces Plan. Details associated with any of the planning efforts can be

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