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Henry's personal experience with Sibyl Temple underscores the importance of the landmark to local residents. The Temple has a long history in the city and serves as a welcoming beacon to travelers and residents going into and out of Vestavia Hills each day. And the ladies of the Vestavia Hills Garden Club provide more than 300 volunteer hours every year to keep the Temple and its grounds in top condition. "Most Vestavia Hills residents are unaware of the dedication and volunteer hours involved in keeping Sibyl Temple and her gardens well maintained," says Cindy Wester, a Garden Club member and a past president of the Sibyl Temple Foundation. The Vestavia Hills Garden Club has been responsible for the beautification and maintenance of Sibyl Temple since the temple was moved to its present location in 1975. The Garden Club established the Sibyl Temple Foundation in 1992 as a nonprofit organization to further oversee this work. O N G O I N G M A I N T E N A N C E The Vestavia Hills Garden Club partners with the Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Department to complete many of the routine 2 0 1 4 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 51

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