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W When Trinity Presbyterian Church began, the congregation rented its meeting space from another church in the Birmingham area. But when leaders found a church property for sale in Cahaba Heights, "we quickly discovered it would be a great fit for us," says Rich Lusk, Trinity's pastor. After purchasing and renovating the building, Trinity began meeting in Cahaba Heights in 2009, and the location has been ideal for the church. "The Cahaba Heights area of Vestavia Hills has proven to be a very good location for our church family," Lusk says. "We like the diversity of the community around us, we like the friendliness of the folks who live there, and we like how family-friendly the area is. It's been a good place for us to put down roots as a church body. I hope we've made the community a better place by our presence." When the tornadoes ripped through Cahaba Heights in April 2011, Trinity got its first chance to be a good neighbor to its community. "We had a bunch of guys from the church with chain saws go through the neighborhoods and cut trees and help out in whatever ways they could," Lusk says. "We also teamed up with some other churches in the Cahaba Heights area to do a 'Caring for Cahaba' workday to help rebuild the community." A couple of weeks after the tornadoes, when Lusk met some FEMA agents in the church parking lot, they said they had heard about the work Trinity members had been doing around the area. Churches Vital Part of Community Landscape 40 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 2 0 1 4

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