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On the second Saturday in September, teams report to a central location to check in and collect items they will need to complete their projects. Because the volunteers range in age from elemen- tary school to senior citizens, organizers aim to put each team on a project that best meets their skills and abilities. Projects include a variety of types of work, such as picking up trash in local parks and spreading pine straw; helping clean and arrange closets; yard work including mowing, pruning, and removing dead shrubs and limbs; repairing fences; pressure washing; repairing gutters; cleaning out overgrown ditches; assembling shelving; small paint jobs in the home; hanging pictures; moving furniture; and even breaking up and removing large rocks or concrete. "Some teams may be assigned more than one project, depending on the scope and the number of teams we have to divide among the requested home projects," Zaragoza says. "And some opportunities result in follow-up visits that can be worked out between the homeowner and the assigned team." Last year, for instance, a men's church group from Shades Mountain Baptist Church was assigned a project on Jacobs Road that involved very heavy work best suited for an all-male team. After completing the project that day, this group stayed in touch with the homeowner and went back to complete more work that could not be done during the Helping Hands day. In the past three years, Helping Hands teams have assisted with 61 home projects for seniors and people with disabilities, and 14 city projects. These teams have included Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, churches, families, neighborhoods, high school groups and military groups. Altogether, 788 Vestavia Hills residents have been involved. "We are fortunate to have a community that understands and welcomes the opportunities of helping others," Zaragoza says. If you'd like to get involved in Helping Hands in the Hills—as a volunteer or a recipient of help— watch for information in the Vestavia Hills Community News. The Community News will feature a request form for homeowners who need help, as well as information about forming teams. And the information will also be available on the Chamber's website at This year's Helping Hands in the Hills will be held on September 8, 2018. "Last year I was helped by putting a few things in my attic and this year by doing a few thing in my yard and helping arrange items on upper shelves in my pantry. The group who assisted in these tasks was a Girl Scout Troop from Central. This shows that all ages can help." "Helping Hands Day was a big success as far as I'm concerned. Several members of the Chamber of Commerce Board, plus wives and children came to my house and performed many needed chores." "Our city is blessed to have a Chamber with leadership that reaches out and embraces the total community." "The CrossFit Mud Town group truly excelled in their endeavors to improve the property where I have resided in Vestavia for 41 years. Words can't express my gratitude; thank you to each & all of you who made this happen. " "I want to thank you for sending Helping Hands in the City to my home. I have been a widow over three years and much needed to be done. They did everything from pulling weeds, cleaning windows, trimming shrubs and much more." "The Sunrise Rotary Club and the Army National Guard were absolute God-sends for our neighbor on Garland Circle. He was smiling Saturday, 9/9, amidst tears of joy as the guys came and worked so hard in his back yard. I was in tears as well as I watched each handshake and hug that came every few minutes. What a blessing to live in this community and what a gift your service was to us all." Q U O T E S F R O M H O M E O W N E R S : a few thin d and h p who a I was help ng a few in my p op from C This shows that a T E S F R O M H O M E O W 2 0 1 8 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 63

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