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V Pitching In: Chamber Marks 3 Years of Helping Hands in the Hills "The City and Chamber of Commerce wanted to explore ways to help our own senior citizens, people with disabilities, and other local residents who needed help," says Diane Zaragoza, Office Manager at the Chamber of Commerce. "Helping Hands in the Hills is a day of service formed in an attempt to help Vestavia Hills residents who need a helping hand with minor projects or yard work around their homes." The program aims to help those who can't help V e s t av i a H i l l s r e s i d e n t s a r e k n o w n f o r t h e i r c o m m i t m e n t t o v o l u n t e e r i s m , w h e t h e r i t ' s s e rv i n g o n a c i t y c o m m i t t e e o r r a i s i n g f u n d s f o r a l o c a l n o n p ro f i t. And in September 2015, the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce launched Helping Hands in the Hills, a new program for giving back to neighbors in need. Three years later, almost 800 local residents have completed 75 different projects for others in the community. themselves and to offer opportunities for local churches and community residents to reach out and offer their services to these individuals, Zaragoza says. Lastly, Helping Hands in the Hills also relieves city and community resources from working on small, individual projects, allowing them more time to focus on larger projects. To participate in Helping Hands in the Hills, volunteers form teams and register with the Chamber of Commerce. 62 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 2 0 1 8

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