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C A H A B A H E I G H T S Ever since Vestavia Hills annexed Cahaba Heights in 2002, the area's historic business district has slowly transformed from relatively hidden to a booming retail and restaurant destination. "Cahaba Heights is a specialty retail experience," says Katherine McRee, owner of The Lili Pad and Gigi's in Cahaba Heights. "It is amazing watching the transformation of the quaint hidden gem in Vestavia Hills. Just look around and you will see all the new businesses taking a leap of faith to join in the community. Vestavia Hills is blessed to have a group of small businesses that are working together to make a difference." For instance, Jamie Pursell, owner of nursery Leaf and Petal, recently completed his new development on Cross- haven Drive. In addition to the relocation of Leaf and Petal into a new and larger space, the development includes space for a new location of Crestline Bagel Company and will eventually include a new Satterfield's restaurant with a Latin American flavor called El Zun Zún. On a trip to London in 2013, Pursell and his wife visited a number of garden centers that included a food component, and they wanted to bring the concept here. "The really unique thing is that our development was planned to have different businesses that are symbiotic, and the response has been overwhelming so far," Pursell says. "Crestline Bagel has had lines out the door on weekends, and people wander over into our space every day with coffee and bagel in hand to browse. Everyone says they feel like when they're in our building, they feel like they're on vacation, not in Birmingham anymore." Like Pursell, business owners in Cahaba Heights realize they've got something special—and they're working together to share it with the rest of the community. In 2017, a group of Cahaba Heights business owners joined together to sponsor neighborhood events that further establish the business district's unique sense of place. On November 9, 2017, Cahaba Heights Merchants held its inaugural Deck the Heights event. With a goal of attracting 75 attendees, the 52 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 2 0 1 8

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