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Official magazine published by the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce for the City of Vestavia Hills which details the quality of life, education, shopping and lifestyle of Vestavia Hills.

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V V e s tav i a H i l l s h a s a lo n g h i s to ry o f s t ro n g l e a d e r s w h o h av e g u i d e d t h e c i t y f ro m a t i n y S h a d e s M o u n ta i n o u t p o s t to a t h r i v i n g s u bu r ba n c e n t e r i n i t s r e l at i v e ly s h o rt l i f e t i m e . The city was established in 1950 with about 600 residents, but within a half-century, Vestavia Hills had grown to almost 35,000 residents with its own award-winning school system, consistently rising property values, and a thriving commercial base. 20 v e s tav i a h i l l s l i v i n g 2 0 1 8 Guiding Lights: A Conversation with the Four Living Mayors of Vestavia Hills A number of visionary leaders helped guide the city's phenomenal growth and desirability among residents and businesses. Today, four individuals who have worn the title "Mayor of Vestavia Hills" continue to reside in the city. Vestavia Hills Living talked with each of them about their leadership and legacy.

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